“I wanted to just see what’s out there.”

It’s a quote I hear quite often when first speaking with an executive or professional about their interest in a new opportunity.
“What do you want to be out there,” I ask. The question catches them off guard. Usually because they haven’t read any of the messages I sent or researched the details of what my company does prior to setting up the appointment. They think I’m a recruiter.
“Oh, I thought you had a job you were trying to pitch.”
“No, I help individuals find what they truly want,” I share.
After a bit of discovery and them finally opening up to share why they are looking and what they would like to find, we get to the specifics. Now, I know what they want and what’s motivating them. The coy pretenses of just casually shopping are dispelled. If they’re looking then they aren’t truly satisfied with the current situation.
Passively looking and taking calls with people whom you haven’t researched doesn’t yield much in the way of results. At best you will find the next random job that might not improve your current situation. Actively looking for something specific and lining up the resources needed to be successful helps you advance your career.
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