“I want to work for a company that is ethical.”

“I want to be part of team that acts professionally. I want to know the leaders have integrity.”
Be careful of making these kinds of statements in an interview.
Why? The interviewer will surmise you don’t currently have that in your present opportunity if you are bringing it up. It’s an easy prompt to ask the follow up questions. “It sounds like the current organization has some challenges with integrity, ethics and professionalism. Tell me more about that.”
You then find yourself unloading examples of bad behavior and stories of people doing horrendous things. Unfortunately, the interviewer doesn’t view you as the cowboy with the white hat, even though you have tried to separate yourself from it. Rather, she sees you as part of that culture and wants to quarantine the virus from infecting her company’s culture.
It serves no purpose for you to bring these things up in an interview. If you ask the interviewer, “Does your company have integrity?”, of course she will say “Yes.”
Always present yourself in a positive light, including the past places you’ve worked. Even if you worked in a horrible environment you must avoid tainting yourself by dishing the dirt.
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