Saying “No” Can Be Difficult

I’ve often thought of having little coins minted with one simple word on both sides…”No.” Why? Saying No to someone, or to something, can be difficult.
If I just had a coin with the word “No” on both sides I could give them to clients who struggle with saying No. They could toss it in the air as if to leave the decision to chance knowing what the answer would be.
Saying “Yes” feels so easy. It makes others immediately happy. Everyone wants to feel happy. But, then you have to live up to the commitment you just made. That usually comes with sacrifices somewhere else. I can’t do everything so something else must go.
Unfortunately, too many of us are over committed. We say Yes with every intention of honoring it but then sadly can’t follow through. I’ve worked with several clients over the years who say Yes to their boss, and all with whom they work, and over commit their time. Twelve hour work days still aren’t long enough to honor their commitments. The commitments made to family, friends and to themselves are the sacrificial lambs.
They say Yes knowing in advance they will not be able to honor it. The coin, or some other external tool, could help them develop the ability to avoid over committing.
The coin has spoken.
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