“I need your help negotiating my contract,” is an opening line I’ve heard from former clients and referrals a lot over the years.

But for some reason, it has come up more than usual in the last few months.

I’m not sure if my name is being circulated on a discussion board in cyberspace somewhere but there has certainly been a spike in clients seeking help. I’m not complaining, mind you, just observing a nice trend.

Some have job offers and need help deciding which one is best and then working to get the best terms. Some are expecting offers but need to achieve key objectives. Quite a few are former clients who reach out because they need to re-negotiate a contract that is up for renewal or are getting a promotion.

More than one was from a former client who had a solid agreement in place from our last negotiation but the employer is not abiding by its terms.

Negotiation is an art form that relies on human dynamics and psychology more than anything. The emotional dynamics in play when it’s your contract make it nearly impossible to think clearly and objectively.

Negotiations are more about human emotions than they are contracts. When you harness those emotions to work for you the outcomes are better.

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