Very Specific Candidate Qualifications Can Blind Employers

Many employers use parameters for candidate qualifications that are too specific. They build in their own biases to the process and often yield bad results in their hiring process.

overly specific candidate qualifications

“I need an executive with at least 10 years experience in this specific niche,” the recruiter shares with me.

“Also, they need to have this credential, this certification, be a graduate of one of these business schools, direct P&L of at least $50M but not more than $100M and have Fortune 50 experience somewhere in their background. Do you have anyone in your client list who might be a fit?”

I laugh. “You must be having one heck of a time finding someone that specific.”

“I know, right!” he agrees. “It’s crazy.”

Employers will often try to put so many parameters on a search to find the “perfect” candidate that they allow their internal biases to muddle the process. If they do find a candidate who meets these criteria they often overlook many other important details and will more often make a bad hire.

It’s like putting blinders on a horse. The blinders can serve a good purpose to keep the horse focused straight ahead. But, if you pull them too tightly you end up with a blind horse.

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