I love seeing the dramatic improvement our clients make in their interviewing skills

It’s one of the greatest joys I have in my work to see the light bulbs shine when someone we’re training really gets it.
Interestingly, most people grossly overestimate their interviewing abilities, especially those who are already in senior level positions. They assume they have a natural gift for interviewing because they moved up the ladder. However, most haven’t objectively looked at their career progression to assess how they arrived at their current level.
Interviewing is a learned skill, not an inherent talent.
We teach our clients a very specific methodology to proactively convey their value at every step of the interview process. When they read the training materials we provide it makes sense right away to most people.
They understand it, but have not yet mastered it.
It takes training and practice to master any skill. There are a lot things I have read and immediately understand. But, when I try to do it for the first time, things don’t go so well.
Every horse in the interview race for a high level position is a thoroughbred with a pedigree. Only one will claim the roses, while most will be “also rans.” Run for the roses!
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