There’s More in a Job Search than Just Finding Leads

“I don’t need help landing jobs. I just want you to help me find them,” she said.
She was right. She was really good at winning job offers. In fact, she won four new jobs in the last six years. I’m not sure that was really winning, though.
Where she really needed help was, first, targeting better. She needed to be competing for jobs that were harder to win. Sure, it felt good to feel wanted. But, if the environment is toxic and the company has a high turnover rate it’s not terribly difficult to land a job there. She wasn’t advancing her career with each change, either.
She also needed help with due diligence. Most of the issues that led to her leaving the companies could have been discovered prior to accepting the jobs if she knew how to research and analyze the company.
What she didn’t realize until about 3 months later is that now, because of her frequent changes, she did need help winning the job offers, even at the companies that weren’t the best places to work.
Successfully competing for good jobs at good companies is intense. Those employers have the luxury of choosing which of the very qualified candidates they want. The margin of error is very slim and it takes a lot of work.
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