Start-up Executive Job Floundered.

An executive called me recently after his last job with a start-up floundered. “I don’t know if you remember me, but we spoke about a year ago,” he said when I answered the phone. I looked him up in the CRM. It was closer to two years ago.
“Of course. How are things?” I did remember him but having the CRM helped fill in the details.
“Well, I ended up taking a job. A friend of mine had a start-up,” he shared. At least I finally knew what happened to him. “I’ll be honest. It didn’t go well.”
The company never quite took off. The next round of funding was always just around the corner. After 3 months of no paycheck and a lot of promises, it was time to move on.
“Is this the same one we talked about before?” I asked after reading in my notes he was considering joining a friend’s start-up.
“Yes,” he admitted. “I should have listened then. You called it. I was blinded by my friendship and didn’t pay attention to the red flags staring me in the face. Now I see the value of having a third party expert on my side who could have helped me avoid this.”
I don’t relish being right in these scenarios. I would much rather be wrong and read about how well he was doing in Forbes magazine or help him avoid the problems in the first place.
Fortunately, he landed on his feet and has a real paycheck to go with it.
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