Hiring decisions are not made by computers.

Computers do not make hiring decisions. They are made by humans. Humans are not robots. We have emotions and make ALL of our decisions emotionally. The humans use logic only after the fact to justify the emotional decision made.

The hiring decision maker relies on a litany of emotional inputs even when it’s just him or her. Throw in a team of people over multiple interview stages and the dynamics of emotion go to crazy high combinations.

Too many candidates focus solely on the binary components of demonstrating their skills and qualifications. While these are important they are largely only used in the early stages of the process. Later in the game, when everyone is deemed “qualified” the decisions are based on emotional dynamics.

Move the interviewer emotionally and you will rack up your score. If they like you they will find ways to emphasize your qualifications in the follow up discussions and downplay the qualifications of others who were emotionally flat.

The bottom line is, don’t be a robot in an interview. No one wants to work with a robot.


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