Grinders are the lifeblood of any organization

What is a grinder? A grinder is the person who shows up early, every day, puts their nose to the grindstone and works all the way through.
Grinders aren’t afraid of hard work, the unpleasant tasks, the long-term repetitive processes that chip away at a big goal each day. They hustle, exert a lot of energy and usually succeed because they simply overwhelm the task.
They are hard-wired for action and massive amounts of it. Yes, they will make mistakes along the way. But they will learn from those mistakes and keep driving forward. Fear of making a mistake does not hold them back.
Organizations need thinkers and planners, too. The hard working core team of grinders need good direction and course corrections when the action is going the wrong way or being ineffectively applied. But, an organization needs far more grinders than it needs thinkers.
It’s possible to be a combination of both. Most of the best leaders are because they lead by example and take action. We all need to do some thinking and planning before taking action. But, we have to be ready to pull the heavy cart to make it move.
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