Great things rarely happen on the first try.

If they did, they would no longer be great. The very thing that makes them exciting is that they are difficult to obtain.
Winning a senior level position with a dynamic company is exciting because many other people want the same job. The company typically has more qualified applicants than it can reasonably interview.
The pathway to success is via the back door. Someone on the inside must pull you through. The work involves identifying these catalysts, connecting to them and starting a conversation. Most of the time, these are not people you currently know.
You will need to get outside your comfort zone.
Why is it uncomfortable to reach out to someone you don’t know? Fear of rejection. How do you overcome the fear of rejection? Recognize going in that you will hear “no” many times before you hear “yes.”
Get out of your comfort zone. Overcome your fear and welcome the “no” as it gets you closer to the “yes.” Great things don’t happen on the first try. If you accept this going in you will be better prepared to try again until you succeed.
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