Great jobs are rarely ever acquired in perfect form right off the shelf

Most jobs are like a large lump of clay. You are the sculptor. It’s your task to mold and shape the job into the work of art you desire.
True, some jobs have a much better form than others. They already resemble a picturesque statue, or one in which you can easily tell what it is supposed to be. The task is less onerous than the ones that are an amorphous mass of clay.
Approach your day, each day, as an artist would her subject in the studio. Picture in your mind what you want your finished product to look like. Set about your task, one day at a time, to craft your masterpiece section by section.
Most great works of art take significant time to create. It’s no different with a job. Great artists from history also had many helpers. Their apprentice artists played significant roles in the creation of their work. It’s OK to ask for help from those around you.
The hardest part comes when you are finished. Your masterpiece is a thing of beauty. Then, you must decide whether, or not, it’s time to create something new.
What’s your next masterpiece?
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