Friday Question: How do you approach solving problems to reach your goals?

You are here. The goal is over there. Obstacles and barriers lay in between. Now what?
This is the scenario in nearly every situation in life. When you set goals it almost always involves achieving something that is challenging. Otherwise, why bother going through the mental exercise?
Obstacles and barriers are not rare. They are all around. The more rewarding the goal, the more numerous and challenging the barriers.
Many times we create our own barriers and obstacles. They don’t exist outside of our imaginations. But, we put them there to protect our fragile inner egos.
Sometimes we create them because we don’t really want to do what it takes to reach the goal. It’s difficult. It will require exertion and some sacrifice. We magnify the problems so we can excuse ourselves from having to try.
Today’s question is what do you do about these obstacles and barriers? What approach do you take to identify them and overcome them? Please share your thoughts and experiences.
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