Friday challenge: Replace the shelf stable salad dressing

On select Fridays, I will pose a challenge to you, the reader, to improve your lives and careers in some small way. Do you accept the challenge?
It’s spring. Salad season has begun. I love salad season. There are so many ways to combine any number of vegetables, nuts, fruits, cheeses, meats, et al to make something delicious.
It can even be a healthy choice, if made right.
Most of the base ingredients of a vegetable salad are healthy. It’s the dressing that will usually get you. Do you use a pre-made commercial salad dressing? You know, the ones you buy in the bottle at the supermarket?
Most of those dressings are full of chemicals to make them last while they sit on the shelf. A creamy style ranch dressing shouldn’t be able to sit on a shelf for weeks without being refrigerated. Something’s not right.
Replace your dressing with something more natural, perhaps better tasting. There are so many different varieties of oil and vinegar that you could have a different flavor combo every day, all season. You can make your own creamy dressing by mixing the ingredients from real foods yourself. It’s not hard. Try it this week.
Enjoy salad season and be healthy.
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