Friday challenge: Pay it forward to help someone in their job search.

On select Fridays I will pose a challenge to you, the reader, to help you improve your lives and careers in some small way. Do you accept the challenge?
Think back in your career progression. You’ve reached a high level of success. Kudos to you. Hard work pays off. But, it wasn’t just rugged individualism. Someone helped you along the way. You caught a break and received a hand up at some point.
Time to pay it forward.
I’ve received many such breaks in my career. Most of the jobs I had in my early career were because someone pointed me in the right direction. Perhaps they made a phone call on my behalf or sent an e-mail to pave the way. A simple gesture that cost them little and required only a few minutes led to a tremendous benefit for me.
It’s one of the reasons I started my company. Many people struggle with building a network and using it effectively. Our clients gain immediate access to a very large network of high level people. It works when people help each other. You never know when you will need a similar hand to pull you up.
This week, offer your hand to pull someone else up.
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