Friday challenge: Go out of your way to help a friend.

On select Fridays I will pose a challenge to you, the reader, to improve your lives and careers in some small way. Do you accept the challenge?
We all encounter situations where a friend or acquaintance shares how they are struggling with their career or job search. We politely listen and offer some kind words of sympathy. But, quite often, it ends there. We immediately refocus on our own busy lives and hope it works out for them.
This week, take a break from your busy life. Devote a few minutes to actively think how you can help this person in need.
Think back to a time in your career when you could have used a hand up or someone to help open a door for you. How grateful were you to that person?
It doesn’t need to take much of your time. In just a few minutes you can make an introduction to someone you know inside a company that might be a good fit. Perhaps you can refer them to a place where they can get the more in depth help they need.
Good things happen when you help others. Just knowing you helped someone is its own reward. We’ve all had help along the way and you never know when you will need similar help.
Pay it forward.
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