Friday Challenge: Get together with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

On select Fridays I will pose a challenge to you, the reader, to improve your lives and careers in some small way. Do you accept the challenge?
Life moves fast for busy executives and professionals. Our work consumes so much of our time and energy that it’s hard to have much of a social life. If you have kids it takes every available moment just to keep up with their full load of activities.
We have to make time for our own social interaction needs.
This week, set aside some time to get together with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Whether it’s a group of friends, or just one friend, it’s time to catch up on life.
Go to lunch, meet for dinner or grab some drinks at a place where you can just hang out and visit. Reach out and invite your friend(s). Proactively suggest some dates and times so it doesn’t turn out like so many other times where nothing ever gets confirmed.
When you get together, take the time to learn all about what’s going on in their world. Really listen and take an interest. You already know what’s happening in yours.
Your work life will improve because your personal life is further fulfilled. Enjoy!
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