Friday Challenge: Explore somewhere new near you.

On select Fridays I will pose a challenge to you, the reader, to improve your lives and/or careers in some small way. Do you accept the challenge?
When we think of getting away and travelling we tend to think of exotic places far away. Oh, the adventure!
But, those big exotic trips are too few and far between. They are expensive and take a lot of time. There are numerous adventures much closer to you that you can undertake far more frequently.
Do it! Your soul needs to be fed.
It doesn’t even have to be outside your immediate area. There are places in your own neighborhood you haven’t discovered. The adjacent community has much to explore. A town down the road has many things to enjoy. Maybe it’s a small park with a great view where you can go.
Take a few hours, a half day. Maybe you can make a weekend of it.
Vacations don’t have to be that once a year thing that cause as much stress as they relieve. Each week offers many opportunities to have a brief break, a new adventure. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money nor take a lot of time.
Feed the soul!
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