Friday Challenge: Cut your phone staring time in half.

Smart phones are awesome. I love mine and use it, a lot! But, I have to work on using it productively versus incessantly.
The world of knowledge is at our fingertips 24/7. It’s our communication tool, our social interaction, entertainment, information source and more. There are so many wonderful things about our smart phones.
But, we are one step away from living in The Matrix, to reference the iconic movie.
Unplug our brains and eyeballs from the tiny screen and reclaim living our lives a little more. Do something physical. Interact in person with other people more.
I’m not advocating total abstinence from using your phone. Just cut the time in half for one week. Identify those times when you’re just scrolling through mindlessly but achieving little or nothing of value. That’s the first place to cut back.
Set some time limits for yourself when you do utilize your phone for something other than a specific task. When your time reaches it’s allotted max, put it away.
Try it for one week. Then assess if you can keep going. Happy living!
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