Friday challenge: Commit yourself to action

Action without planning can lead to failure. But it can also lead to achieving something great. Planning without action leads to nothing.
With this in mind, action is the real magic to achievement. Yes, consistent and predictable achievement includes good planning. But the action part of the equation is essential.
Too many people are stuck in place. Fear has them in its grips. They fear making a mistake. They fear if they go this direction they will miss out on what lay ahead in the other direction. In reality, they should fear being stuck in place far more than they fear the unknown of the path they choose. Doing nothing is the surest way to failure.
I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life. Quite often it has involved taking action without enough planning. I’ve learned some hard lessons that way. But, I’ve also achieved far more, learned more and experienced more than I ever would have if I let fear hold me back.
Commit to action!
Today will be the last Friday challenge for a while. Beginning next week it will become the Friday Question, something to ponder or discuss. It might not be the final challenge but it’s time to change things a bit. Do you accept the challenge?
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