Friday Challenge: Break the downward spirals with meditation.

On select Fridays I will pose a challenge to you, the reader, to improve your lives and careers in some small way. Do you accept the challenge?
The downward spiral, a negative feedback loop. It’s a process where we let stressors take over our thought processes and build on each other. They grow to be greater than the sum of their individual parts. It’s like a hurricane that picks up strength as it moves across warm water.
We have to break the loop before it grows to a category 5 storm.
First, we have to learn to recognize when a storm is brewing inside. When we feel the stressors building it’s time to slow the world down.
It’s time for some simple meditation.
We don’t have to assume a special pose. Keep it simple. Time is the important element as you need to address it as it happens.
Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Breathe deeply and slowly. Try not to think of anything for a few minutes. Then, picture in your mind something that gives you great joy. It will break the negative feedback loop.
Now you can address each of your challenges, one at a time, without magnifying them.
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