“Forget about the last play boys,” the QB says in the huddle. “Here’s what we’re going to do.”


So you lost out in the last interview, maybe the last several. Sometimes the game gets started off on the wrong foot and it feels like you’re down by a lot. The hard part is forgetting about the last play and moving on to the next.

You see it every week in sports. The momentum swings. One team gets on a roll and the other team can’t seem to do anything right. From all aspects they appear to be very evenly matched. However, one team has some negative energy getting in its way.

Clear the mind. Forget about the last interview. Focus only on the next one. If you get back to fundamentals you can turn things around. But, if you constantly relive the last failure it will repeat itself.

Often it requires that inspirational leader to help clear the fog. The KC Chiefs were down 24-0 in the first quarter in their playoff game against the Texans. Their leader, Patrick Mahomes, helped them refocus on the next play. They came back and won by 20.

Who helps you break the cycle and refocus on fundamentals?

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