For years, I have wanted to hire a data person

For years, I have wanted to hire a data person who could cover a lot of bases and be the IT guru for our company. I envisioned someone who could take all the data we collect to help us reach more people and build lists of companies and recruiters for our clients to find job leads.
Then, we would need to organize it in our CRM to keep it clean and track our progress. I also needed someone who understood SEO and digital marketing.
The big problem was I couldn’t afford to hire the person I wanted full-time.
Fortunately, I met Jami Goodwin Medina and her team at Empirical Data. She is the data person I have wanted to find for so long. The best news was that I could work with her to take care of our big IT and data challenges for a fraction of what it would have cost us to hire someone.
Yes, she’s a techie expert, systems engineer and programmer. But, she can also talk to people. She takes the time to ask good questions, thoroughly understand our needs then presents a workable and affordable solution.
I can’t remember ever giving this kind of shout out to a vendor partner on LinkedIn. But I am happy to do so for Empirical Data. If you want your business to take off like a rocket, reach out to her.
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