Filler words. Most of us have them in one form or another

Those repetitive words that fill the gaps between thoughts. “Um,…like…you know…so.”
Filler words are very distracting to the listener when used to excess. The listener no longer hears the words you want her to hear. Instead, she only hears the distracting placeholders.
Why do we use filler words? Usually, we use them because we are trying to gather our thoughts prior to saying something further. Unfortunately, we fear the silence in between the spoken thoughts. The fear can come from concern the listener will lose confidence in what you’re saying, or even lose interest. It can also be the fear that someone will jump in and steal the microphone and deprive you of completing your thoughts.
Welcome the silence.
The few seconds of silence while you pause might feel like an eternity to you but it actually serves a positive purpose. The break in the action draws the listener in. They listen more closely than if the words continued in a steady, unbroken stream.
Once you identify an issue with overuse of these fillers, train your ear to hear them and condition the mouth to pause instead. Your communication will be much stronger.
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