Executive Offers Advice on Marketing of Job Search Services

An executive client shared good advice after she placed to help Endeavor Agency market our services more effectively.

Marketing job search services advice

“You really need to do a better job of marketing yourselves and rounding up more testimonials to share,” our client shared in her placement debrief. She accepted her new job and we sought her feedback on the process.

“I would agree with that,” of Vice President shared. “How did that affect you in your process?”

“I was very skeptical if this would work before I started with you,” she shared candidly. “I hedged my bets from the start and delayed my decision because I didn’t have enough information at the beginning.”

“Thank you,” the VP shared. “We need to know this.”

“Look, all that changed at the end of the initial client consultation when I met my agent and was able to go through all the resources you provide and the details of the services you offer,” she continued. “But, I bet most of the people with whom you visit in that first sales call feel the same way I did. They were interested but needed more details.”

“I think you’re right,” our VP said.

Gather more testimonials from clients like me. I’m happy to share how this was a game-changer for me,” she said.

We value the feedback from our clients, whether it’s glowing praise or areas where we need to improve. While it’s sometimes difficult to hear and own it’s the only way to get better.

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