Executive Coaching Takes Time – Now You Have Time

Executive coaching requires an investment of time. Many executives tell themselves constantly, “I don’t have time. I’m too busy.” Right now, most of us have more time on our hands than we like. Invest some of that time in executive coaching now and your career will only improve.

Executive coaching is internally driven

True executive coaching is not a process where someone else tells you what to do. Rather, a true executive coach helps individuals uncover their own challenges and self identify the blocks that prevent them from achieving what they desire. Then, the coach guides the individual to plot their own steps to remove those blocks and overcome their challenges.

Executive coaching is far more effective than someone else telling you what to do. Think about the last time you made a big change in your life. Did you make this change just because someone else told you to? In most cases, you likely heard that same advice countless times before you made the change. We make internal changes only after we see the light ourselves. Then, we make the change when we want to do it ourselves.

coaching requires patience and time

True coaching takes time. It’s an exercise in extreme patience on the part of the coach. The coach, along with everyone else around us, likely saw the main challenge in short order. But, if she comes right out and says, “Here’s your problem. You need to do this,” we will shut down and defend why that person is wrong.

I’ll be honest, I’m not very good at this style of coaching. I am working hard to improve but it’s not a quick fix. Reprogramming years of ideology and training does not happen overnight. However, I’m very excited to have a trained executive coach on our team who can help, not only our clients, but also me personally and the others on our team.

Now that you have plenty of time available, what is keeping you from using it to your best benefit?

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