Executive Coaching Moves You From Knowing to Doing

Executive coaching moves Endeavor clients from knowing to doing.

endeavor clients get executive coaching

We added executive coaching to our portfolio of client services not long ago. Executive coaching provides many benefits to clients engaged in a job search. One of those benefits includes moving clients from simply knowing what they should do into the active phase of doing.

When a new client reads through many of the materials we share regarding the thousands of things to do in a job search she will often say, “I already know most of this stuff.” But, there is a big difference between knowing and doing.

Something inside prevents us from taking the action steps for things we know we should do. Others tell us we need to do those things on a regular basis. But, we simply do not do them.

Executive coaching helps clients explore those inner stumbling blocks. Once an individual understands the inner hurdle that is keeping her from moving forward then she can plot her own steps to reduce or eliminate the barriers. A skilled and trained executive coach knows how to ask the right questions for us to uncover these barriers.

It rarely works for anyone to be told what to do by others. At best, we comply with these directives but either don’t understand why we must do them. Alternatively, we do them only because we were told to. Longer lasting and stronger results occur when we, individually, uncover the issues and craft our own solutions. We own the problem. We make stronger commitments to the solutions we devise.

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