Each day, and all throughout the day, we have a choice to make regarding our mood.

Am I happy and able to interact with other people in a good way? Or, have I allowed the external forces all around me to sour my mood?
No matter the situation, we get to choose how we handle it.
Annoyances are abundant. There is no shortage of events with the potential to send our mood straight into the toilet. Some are minor and can be dealt with more easily. Others are quite significant and can be overwhelming.
We still have a choice to make.
The choice is not just whether we allow something to affect us. The choice also involves how deeply it affects us, how long we dwell on it, and how we interact with others.
The negatives are easily identifiable and seem more abundant. However, the world is usually in balance. The positives are just as numerous. We simply have to train ourselves to look for them.
When you encounter an annoyance that threatens to sour your mood, train yourself to seek the positives that are all around. Breathe deeply and smile. Value your day and your mood. Tell yourself, “My day and my mood are stronger than that annoyance.”
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