Time is Your Most Precious Asset in a Job Search

December 31…New Year’s Eve. We can’t help but reflect back on the year that passed. It’s just the normal thing we all do on this day.

A year is comprised of 525,600 minutes. If you’ve ever watched the Broadway musical, Rent, it’s hard to forget that figure. It’s catchy. While it sounds like an astronomical amount of time it seems to fly by faster and faster each year.

What did you do with each of those minutes? If we average 8 hours of sleep a night then that accounts for 175,200. If we spend 30 minutes each day getting ready for work and 30 minutes getting ready for bed then 21,900 more are used. The average American spends 26 minutes per day commuting to work and then back again for 12,000 minutes.

An 8 hour work day, 200 working days per year means 96,000 minutes are spent at work. Other mundane tasks just focused on the chores of daily living easily account for a big chunk of the remainder. Only a small fraction of minutes remain for us to use at our sole discretion.

How did you invest your discretionary minutes this past year? What will you do differently in 2020 with those minutes?


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