Daily Disciplines. They are the key accomplishing great things.

Great things take a massive amount of effort and time to accomplish. They aren’t built in a day.
One of the core principles we share with clients in our system to predictably and reliably find the jobs they truly want and win them is Daily Disciplines. We ask clients to invest at least 30-45 minutes, every single day, in accomplishing this task.
Network building. Emailing. Job searching. Interview practicing. Preparing for interviews. Researching companies. These are some of the Daily Disciplines.
Just 30-45 minutes? Sounds easy, right?
It’s much harder than it sounds. Think about your busy life. You get up early. You work hard. There might be a quick scarf down lunch at the desk. Leave work. Commute home. Family obligations. Eat dinner. Perhaps more work. Bed.
Where was the time for Daily Disciplines?
We walk through a day in the life of our clients to help them find 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, 5 more here. We all either squander more time than that in a day or simply prioritize something else higher.
It all comes down to you and how important achieving this great thing is. Will you make the time to focus on your Daily Disciplines?
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