CHRO Values the Partnership Model for Job Search Help

A CHRO client recently shared why he values the Endeavor Agency partnership model for job search help.

our client’s story

“Glad to connect,” I said to the CHRO at the beginning of our call. “My associate shared that your organization might be in need of outplacement services. How can we help?”

“Well, it’s actually not my company,” he said. “It’s me. I’m ready to make a change and realized I will need some help landing what I want. When your associate reached out, your services sounded interesting.”

“Great,” I replied. “What’s the situation and what would you like to find?”

He invested the last 15 years of his career with this medium sized company. The company grew rapidly in that time period and he played a big part in the growth. Unfortunately, his pay did not grow anywhere close to theĀ  same level.

“The owner promises big bonuses every year if we hit our goals,” he shared. “Unfortunately, we find out after the fact that we did not hit the goals for some creative reason.”

This happens far more frequently than most people realize. Our new client recognized he would need help. His job hunting and interview skills atrophied over the last 15 years and he wanted to effectively compete.

He interviewed 3 other firms prior to selecting ours. I asked him what led him to choose us over the others. “The others either wanted many thousands of dollars up front or simply didn’t offer much in services,” he shared. “I really like your partnership model and the services go far beyond any of the others.”

We love working with CHRO’s because they truly understand how challenging the job market is at the executive level. They value the depth of services we provide.

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