CHRO Uses Outplacement Services to Smooth Transition

Outplacement Services

A Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) recently called from a colleague’s referral to discuss our Outplacement Services.

A visit with a human resources executive about outplacement

“A colleague from our HR society, SHRM, referred me to you,” the Chief Human Resources Officer said. “She spoke very highly of your outplacement services and I was hoping you could help.”

“I would be happy to,” I said. “What’s the situation?”

“We are in the process of terminating one of our department heads, a VP,” she began. “He’s a good guy in general, but he’s just not hitting the mark. We want to make sure he lands on his feet.”

Outplacement plays an important role for companies. This company truly cares for its people. But, like any company, it makes business decisions that are in the best interest of the company when the situation calls for it. Sometimes that means the company needs to help someone find a new team.

“Out of curiosity, why our company versus another outplacement service provider?” I asked.

“My colleague shared that your services go far beyond what she’s seen from other providers,” she said. “She said you stay with the person far longer and see them all the way through. That told me everything I needed to know.”

“True. The process of finding a good job can take some time,” I shared. “It can be a long road with a lot of ups and downs. Our clients love knowing we are with them at every step.”

“Yes, and it sounds like you work a lot more in-depth with people,” she continued. “It’s not just an automated portal with some tips. The human interaction and training go far beyond the other brands I’ve looked at. I like that a lot.”

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