Cheetahs are fast. Water is wet. Ghost peppers are hot.

They are what they are. None of us will change these things. Why is this important?

We spend far too much time grousing about things we are not going to change.

Instead of using that emotional energy in a way that will yield nothing, rechannel it. For instance, I have clients who get so frustrated every day because a recruiter or employer did not call them back when they said they would. “That’s so rude! It’s unprofessional!” they exclaim.

Recognize in advance that these are human beings. They will do human things. When they don’t have an answer, or the answer is one that is not happy news, they will avoid.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what their avoidance means as it relates to our situation as a candidate for a job. There’s only one thing you can do. Follow up. Change your communication medium each time. The recipient will eventually get the idea that they need to respond as it will be easier than pretending they didn’t receive your message.

If you are polite and professional each time your follow ups will not change a yes to a no as most candidates fear. If the answer was no you only reached the truth faster.

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