One of the challenges with having a value based pricing model versus a process based, or hourly billing model, is when you succeed too quickly it causes them to question the value. Most of us are so conditioned to the hourly pay, process driven, approach that we can’t wrap our minds around the ROI for other methods.
Our model is a partnership approach where the bulk of what our clients pay doesn’t come into play until they successfully land the new job. The fee is a small percentage of their income. With our negotiation help we normally help them get more in return than they pay us. It has nothing to do with how many hours are expended or how long it takes. It’s all about the successful outcome.
They love this idea at the beginning. The math is simple. They know how much it will ultimately cost and they said it would be worth it for the outcome.
Two recent clients landed jobs in less than 30 days. Rather than calling to say thanks, they asked if the fee was commensurate with the time invested. I reminded them that it has nothing to do with time invested.
I asked them, if it took us 12 months to achieve, should we be able to come back and say we need to charge double? I’ll settle for the original plan and a sincere thank you.
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