Have you started setting new goals for 2021? Here are 4 steps from our coaching workshops that can help to bring clarity to your goals, understand what’s driving them and succeed in achieving them. Step 1: Prepare Take Time to Make Time Give yourself an adequate amount of time to do the exercise. Most people … Continued

Job seekers are experiencing a lot of nervous energy about the job market considering the Covid-19 pandemic and the contentious election. While this is understandable, there are many good signs for executives actively looking for a job today. Here’s our perspective of the job market based on conversations with hundreds of executives each month from … Continued

Job seekers often suffer from loneliness. You feel isolated. There is no one to whom you can readily turn for guidance. The process of looking for a new job causes many emotions to surface. Executives and professionals who were previously strong, confident leaders face new internal challenges. These challenges make the process even more difficult. … Continued

Big sudden changes thrust upon us offer a chance for meaningful change in our own lives. Will you seize the opportunity and make the most of it? GET the picture This picture spoke to me when I first saw it. Substitute one letter in the word “Change” and you get “Chance.” Big changes provide a … Continued

The Covid-19 outbreak offers opportunities for your job search. Time to do new things is suddenly available. time for job search now abundant curring in the world, is this a good time to begin a job search? This question is being asked quite a bit right now by people considering making a move but uncertain … Continued

Covid-19 brings an interesting long-term effect to the job market. Employers will accelerate the movement to shift more workers out of the traditional large office building to work from home. Yes, this occurred as a reaction to a health crisis, but it presents new challenges. Are you prepared to work from home? Work from home … Continued

A CHRO client recently shared why he values the Endeavor Agency partnership model for job search help. our client’s story “Glad to connect,” I said to the CHRO at the beginning of our call. “My associate shared that your organization might be in need of outplacement services. How can we help?” “Well, it’s actually not … Continued

Your job search outcomes depend on you staying organized. Staying organized in your job search “This is really pretty,” I said to a former employee many years ago as I walked by her cubicle. Multi-colored Post-It Notes adorned seemingly every available space. I was new to the organization and wanted to try and meet everyone … Continued

Executive coaching helps Endeavor clients prepare mentally and emotionally for the hard work ahead in taking the external action to land their new jobs. executive coaching for the job search “I loved the whole team approach from Endeavor,” our client shared in his post placement debrief. “The external process of networking and starting conversations, interviewing … Continued

Executives who hold the title of “interim CEO” must compete effectively if they want to win the permanent role. compete to win the permanent role as interim cEO “The board asked me to be the interim CEO about 3 months ago,” she shared. “I agreed and let them know I would be interested in the … Continued

Physicians in most specialties find plenty of job openings. There are more opportunities than there are physicians to fill them. However, this is not the case in most major metro areas. Supply and demand is inverted so there are more candidates than there are jobs. Employers don’t need to advertise their positions as aggressively, if … Continued

“The workers showed up first thing in the morning and they were all staring at me. I finally realized they were waiting for me to tell them what to do.” “What did you tell them?” I asked. “Nothing,” he said. “It was awkward. I don’t know the first thing about running a vineyard or growing … Continued

  “So, what’s your plan?” I ask. “I don’t know,” he says. “I was hoping you could help me figure that out.” Geography has a big impact on most executive job searches. Whether it’s kids in school, elderly parents who need care, a spouse’s career or just a strong preference for a specific location it … Continued

The hiring manager replied. This is it. This is the moment you have been waiting for. You open it with excitement! You didn’t get it. What? “We want to thank you for considering us. It was a difficult decision but we have selected another candidate,” the message says. How could this be? You were sure … Continued

One of my clients is a finance executive who built a successful career in orchestrating big deals. He led a VC firm and started his own advisory practice. Recently a high net worth individual asked him to run a family office private equity firm. He earned that opportunity based on trust. He is a trusted … Continued

I book appointments to talk to interesting people all throughout the week. My job focuses on meeting lots of new people. I ask about their goals, needs and challenges. We explore together how to accomplish those. We connect our networks to open new doors. If it’s in the morning I am likely drinking coffee while … Continued