Several times a week I speak to accomplished executives who want to lead a PE portfolio company. Many have already done so in the past and earned a nice big exit check when it sold. They call us after they took some time off and want back in. They want to lead another company. That’s … Continued

The guy had been around the block a time or twelve. His accomplishments in leading companies and large divisions were many. Unfortunately, he was relegated to the sidelines for the last 7 months. He wanted back in the game. The private equity firm that owned his company sold it off to another larger company. He … Continued

She was the behind the scenes operations executive who knew how to make things work. The last two jobs were in the COO role but now she wanted her shot at the top spot. “I’ve made the last two CEOs for whom I’ve worked look really good,” she shared. “That’s fine. It’s part of my … Continued

The chairwoman meets with him before the first board meeting to impart some wisdom. “One of your most important jobs is to make sure you develop your eventual successor.” It sounds so sagely. The CEO says, “Yes. Absolutely!” But, in truth, it’s the furthest thing from his mind. One of the worst things a Board … Continued

Some time ago, a CEO called and needed our help. This wasn’t his first rodeo. He had already successfully turned around two previous companies and a large division within a bigger corporation. He was so successful in his last turnaround that the company was quickly snatched up by a PE firm. Super! But, now he … Continued

discussing the massive amounts of money pouring into private equity funds. Sovereign wealth funds, large pension funds and insurance companies are directing more of their available investment capital to PE than ever. The supply of money available to do deals is abundant. The components in scarcity, though, are the executive talent to make them work … Continued