“You need to get out of your comfort zone,” the speaker says. But inside our heads, we tell ourselves something else. “I don’t know my way around this place.” “I’m going to get lost.” “I don’t know how to do these things.” “I’m going to make a mistake.” “Others will see me and I will … Continued

“I’ve exhausted my career network. There’s nothing out there for me,” is something we hear on a regular basis at Endeavor from prospective clients. Our Endeavor agents reply by asking the prospective client to clarify what specific outreach efforts to your career network have you done. “I’ve probably sent out 40-50 emails and made at … Continued

In part one, we covered why the holidays are actually a great time for networking and search for a job. In this article, Endeavor highlights the steps you can do to improve your job search and, ultimately, land a new job. The Five Networking Actions to Take During the Holidays Reconnect with Your Existing Network … Continued

The holidays are great opportunities to network and move your job search forward. Job seekers too often make the mistake of assuming the last several weeks of the year are not fruitful for networking. In reality, the holidays present a prime opportunity to cut through the noise of the normal busy times of the year … Continued

Struggling to network with recruiters? Want to get on their radar?   “A friend of mine has recruiters contacting her right and left,” our new client Amika related. “I can’t figure it out. Our backgrounds, qualifications, and experience are nearly identical, and I never hear from recruiters. What’s her secret?” It’s really not a secret. … Continued

“I think I would like to set up a time to visit,” the email message said. “I left my last company a few months ago and I might need your help in finding my next executive sales position.” The Endeavor agent looked back at the message string to see when someone last sent this person … Continued

Most job seekers miss seeing bigger opportunities because they apply to only posted jobs. Nearly 80% of all jobs are filled without ever being publicly advertised through word of mouth. However, candidates routinely limit themselves by chasing the same ones everyone else sees. Right away they are in direct competition with hundreds of other job … Continued

When we hear the word networking, our brains tend to think of the people we already know or to whom we have a connection. In our lives and careers, we reach out to this group of people for help and they do the same in turn. There are many subgroups in your network. Family members … Continued

Networking daily is a task most people don’t invest their time in. But if you take just a few minutes every day, you can add many contacts to your existing network. Over the course of time, your network will grow tremendously. While you may not have a deep personal relationship with everyone in your list … Continued