“I’ve been thinking about contacting you for a while,” the prospective client shared with me during our initial phone conversation. I noticed he had looked at my profile a few times. Then he liked several of the daily postings I share. When he “followed” me on LinkedIn I knew it was past time to reach … Continued

Evaluating a Job Opportunity is important. It’s a skill that takes knowledge and discipline to learn. “What are the principle challenges you are facing in your job search?” It’s a question I ask prospective clients as a routine. Everyone’s situation is different. “I keep taking jobs with companies that turn out to have serious issues. … Continued

Trust is earned and trust is also given. Leaders have to go first and give their trust to those with whom they work. Leaders must build a culture of trust. This was the message delivered by Stephen M. R. Covey at the Novak Leadership Institute speaker series last evening on the University of Missouri campus, … Continued

I’ve often thought of having little coins minted with one simple word on both sides…”No.” Why? Saying No to someone, or to something, can be difficult. If I just had a coin with the word “No” on both sides I could give them to clients who struggle with saying No. They could toss it in … Continued

If we pause, breathe deeply, just listen and observe, the majesty of life washes away any other trivial concerns we might have. The world around us is much bigger, far older, full of wisdom to share. Our brief lives seem like the passing of a day to the rest of nature. The stress we feel … Continued

Rarely is it ever closed. I do this to communicate that my team is welcome to come in. They are not an interruption to my day but rather the purpose of why I’m here. Agents come in to discuss tactics to help clients negotiate new employment agreements, prepare for interviews or overcome the many challenges … Continued

On select Fridays I will pose a challenge to you, the reader, to improve your lives and careers in some small way. Do you accept the challenge? Death by meeting. Too much sitting throughout the day. It’s the bane of the modern work environment. Most companies have far too many meetings that last much longer … Continued

The people working in the organization exhibit the culture through their daily actions. There are thousands of articles written on this topic. What do you do as an executive leader when you recognize the organizational culture is not what you want? Whether you created the culture as the founder/entrepreneur or inherited it as the new … Continued