In part one, we covered why the holidays are actually a great time for networking and search for a job. In this article, Endeavor highlights the steps you can do to improve your job search and, ultimately, land a new job. The Five Networking Actions to Take During the Holidays Reconnect with Your Existing Network … Continued

The holidays are great opportunities to network and move your job search forward. Job seekers too often make the mistake of assuming the last several weeks of the year are not fruitful for networking. In reality, the holidays present a prime opportunity to cut through the noise of the normal busy times of the year … Continued

Candidates who send thank you cards after an interview earn valuable extra credit. This extra credit could be the difference maker in determining whether you win the job offer or receive a rejection letter. This article highlights the importance of sending thank you cards as well as emails. Additionally, it offers concrete action steps to … Continued

Passed Over for the Promotion When you are passed over for the promotion as an executive, it’s important to assess your current situation. It might mean your time is coming soon on the next round. Maybe you’re too valuable in your current role. Or perhaps it means it’s time to look elsewhere. In all cases, … Continued

Writing an effective cover letter can be challenging and frustrating for job seekers. Many will stare at the page not sure what to say, while others will end up writing a mini novel that takes up the full page and perhaps more. Effective cover letters need to be concise, convey your value and call the … Continued

The Covid-19 outbreak offers opportunities for your job search. Time to do new things is suddenly available. time for job search now abundant curring in the world, is this a good time to begin a job search? This question is being asked quite a bit right now by people considering making a move but uncertain … Continued

Outplacement services help employees land on their feet when companies must make difficult decisions about personnel. But investing in outplacement can provide big benefits for the company as well. While it’s great for companies to be good corporate citizens and care for their people, they must also be accountable to their stockholders and bottom line. … Continued

The best time to begin your search for a new job, even in uncertain economic times, is the moment you realize you want a new job. Job search in an uncertain economy “I’m concerned about the uncertainty in the economy,” the prospective client shared with me. “Is now a good time to change jobs?” She … Continued

An executive client shared good advice after she placed to help Endeavor Agency market our services more effectively. Marketing job search services advice “You really need to do a better job of marketing yourselves and rounding up more testimonials to share,” our client shared in her placement debrief. She accepted her new job and we … Continued

Career coaching shares many similarities with working with a personal trainer in fitness. Our client’s CAREER COACHING story “What are your thoughts about our process, now that you know the details?” It’s a common question we ask new clients at the end of our initial client consult. “It reminds me a lot of working out … Continued

Effective job interviews begin with asking great questions. Uncover their needs and challenges. Then, paint yourself into their picture as the solution for a happy ending to their story. ouR Client’s Story A client called me with some exciting news. “Remember that company where I interviewed about a month ago but the went with someone … Continued

Evaluating the Culture of leadership “So why did you leave your last job?” I asked my new client, an experienced CFO. “The CEO wanted me to lie to the Board,” he said. “The numbers weren’t looking good and he wanted me to get creative with them. I had to tell him I can’t do that.” … Continued

It takes time to find a new job. Successful candidates commit time on a regular basis to devote to their job search. This requires discipline to achieve day after day. Who helps you stay committed to your daily disciplines? Time commitment required to find new job “What kind of commitment are we talking about?” she … Continued

New executives often bring their key people with them to the new company. This can present challenges for a candidate as it likely means displacing someone else who currently works in that position. Executives who search as a team need expert guidance to address this. Job searching as an Executive team. “It’s a package deal,” … Continued

We advised a C.O.O. to turn down a job offer recently.  Do you know when to turn down a job offer? Knowing When to Turn Down Job Offer Sometimes, I advise clients to walk away and turn down a job offer. It sounds odd given our mission is to help our clients land a new … Continued

Our Client’s Story “I’m waiting to hear back on an opportunity where I interviewed,” the prospective client shared with me. “If that doesn’t pan out I’m definitely going to work with you.” “Sounds reasonable,” I replied. “If I may ask, where are you in the interview process with this other opportunity?” If he was just … Continued