In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, C-suite executives face immense pressure to deliver results, make critical decisions, and lead their organizations to success. However, this constant demand for high performance can take a toll on their mental and physical well-being, leading to burnout and potential serious health issues. Understanding C-Suite Burnout C-suite burnout … Continued

An Endeavor Agency agent introduced one of their clients to a key contact inside an organization the client was targeting for a job. Neither the client nor the agent knew anyone inside this organization. Unfortunately, our client just couldn’t bring herself to reach out to someone they didn’t know. The agent instigated a three-way introduction … Continued

Most people have job search anchors that limits their search criteria. For example, Endeavor’s agents regularly encounter this scenario or similar: “My daughter is a sophomore in high school,” the executive, a chief financial officer, shared in the introductory call. “I can’t move right now.” Job search anchors like this can have a big impact … Continued

Going through a job change is never easy, especially if you seek out an entirely different environment. Endeavor recently helped a big company executive change their job to lead a small company. “I’ve always led divisions of large companies,” the client said on their first visit. “Big budgets. Lots of resources. A team of people … Continued

Ageism in the job interview and hiring process affects most candidates after the age of 50. Why do employers exhibit ageism? Do they just dislike people over the age of 50? No, it has little or nothing to do with a personal dislike of older people. It has everything to do with the four reasons … Continued

“I’ve exhausted my career network. There’s nothing out there for me,” is something we hear on a regular basis at Endeavor from prospective clients. Our Endeavor agents reply by asking the prospective client to clarify what specific outreach efforts to your career network have you done. “I’ve probably sent out 40-50 emails and made at … Continued

One trend that has exploded in 2023 that may become part of everyday life for several professions is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create written content and idealized images. ChatGPT is one such AI that takes complex questions and answers them in a conversational manner. ChatGPT is like a search engine in that … Continued

In early interview rounds, a question about your three strongest traits or strongest things you could bring to the interviewer’s organization is usually asked. “I’m a people person. I have a strong work ethic and I have a commitment to integrity,” goes the common reply from someone who has not anticipated this question. This answer … Continued

Your career is like a ship on the ocean. Navigating from place to place and trying to avoid pitfalls. Career planning, like navigating a ship, takes work. Sometimes, the daydreams come along when you feel like you are marooned on an island. But, you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t ignite your passions, or worse, … Continued

Your phone vibrates. You see and recognize the number. It’s the call for an interview for your dream job. The one you’ve wanted for so long. The adrenaline spikes. Excitement! But, are you even ready for this call? We hesitate in using terms like “dream job” normally, but there are all kinds of dreams. Some … Continued

Cheetahs are fast. Water is wet. Ghost peppers are hot. They are what they are. None of us will change these things. Why is this important? We spend far too much time grousing about things we are not going to change. Instead of using that emotional energy in a way that will yield nothing, rechannel … Continued

Executives and professionals often struggle to manage their emotions during a job search. It’s lonely. You feel isolated. Your confidence takes a hit. There is no one to whom you can readily turn for guidance. The process of looking for a new job causes many emotions to surface. Executives and professionals who were previously strong, … Continued

In visiting with thousands of executive and professional job seekers over many years, the Endeavor Agency team noted a pattern of predictable mistakes made time and again. These job seeker mistakes cost them dearly in lost opportunities, significant frustration, and likely millions of dollars in earnings. All of these are avoidable with the right guidance … Continued

This article seeks to help busy executives find the success they desire and covers the importance of making the time commitment needed to succeed in their job search. Make a commitment to the time needed FOR YOUR executive JOB SEARCH Our clients are all busy. They do things constantly. Many executives use the word “busy” … Continued

The best time to begin your search for a new job, even in uncertain economic times, is the moment you realize you want a new job. Job search in an uncertain economy “I’m concerned about the uncertainty in the economy,” the prospective client shared with me. “Is now a good time to change jobs?” She … Continued

Your job search outcomes, much like your job evaluations, depend on you staying organized. “This is really pretty,” CEO of Endeavor Cord Harper said to a former employee years ago as he walked by her cubicle. Multi-colored Post-It NotesĀ® adorned seemingly every available space. “Is it an art project or collage of some kind?,” Cord … Continued