We advised a C.O.O. to turn down a job offer recently.  Do you know when to turn down a job offer? Knowing When to Turn Down Job Offer Sometimes, I advise clients to walk away and turn down a job offer. It sounds odd given our mission is to help our clients land a new … Continued

There is no doubt interview skills take work to master.  How would you rank your interview skills? Our Client’s iNTERVIEW SKILLS Story “I thought I was pretty darn good at interviewing,” he said. “I’m not sure what’s happening. It seems like they all go really well. But I’m not getting the job.” I originally spoke … Continued

Those repetitive words that fill the gaps between thoughts. “Um,…like…you know…so.” Filler words are very distracting to the listener when used to excess. The listener no longer hears the words you want her to hear. Instead, she only hears the distracting placeholders. Why do we use filler words? Usually, we use them because we are … Continued

Your visual communication and presence is an even more important leadership skill than your verbal and written communications. Those whom you lead receive much more information visually than they do audibly. Body language and posture deliver a barrage of messages to everyone around. Yet, most leaders pay very little attention to them. All the work … Continued