Ageism in the job interview and hiring process affects most candidates after the age of 50. Why do employers exhibit ageism? Do they just dislike people over the age of 50? No, it has little or nothing to do with a personal dislike of older people. It has everything to do with the four reasons … Continued

Your career is like a ship on the ocean. Navigating from place to place and trying to avoid pitfalls. Career planning, like navigating a ship, takes work. Sometimes, the daydreams come along when you feel like you are marooned on an island. But, you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t ignite your passions, or worse, … Continued

Evaluating job opportunities is important in your job hunt. It’s a skill that takes knowledge and discipline to learn. “What are the principle challenges you are facing in your job search?” It’s a question we ask prospective clients as part of our introductory meeting. Everyone’s situation is different. “I keep taking jobs with companies that … Continued

In visiting with thousands of executive and professional job seekers over many years, the Endeavor Agency team noted a pattern of predictable mistakes made time and again. These job seeker mistakes cost them dearly in lost opportunities, significant frustration, and likely millions of dollars in earnings. All of these are avoidable with the right guidance … Continued

The executives who stay calm in the face of panic enjoy career and business success.  Do you make calm business decisions? business lessons from George bailey The bank run scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” shows human nature at its core. George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, calms the shareholders of the savings and loan … Continued

This article seeks to help busy executives find the success they desire and covers the importance of making the time commitment needed to succeed in their job search. Make a commitment to the time needed FOR YOUR executive JOB SEARCH Our clients are all busy. They do things constantly. Many executives use the word “busy” … Continued

Your job search outcomes, much like your job evaluations, depend on you staying organized. “This is really pretty,” CEO of Endeavor Cord Harper said to a former employee years ago as he walked by her cubicle. Multi-colored Post-It Notes® adorned seemingly every available space. “Is it an art project or collage of some kind?,” Cord … Continued

Career growth is challenging and gets much harder at the top. Don’t sit down and give up. Get help to persevere and resume your climb. Career growth “So, what’s the primary motivator for seeking a new job?” I ask. It’s a common question we ask in the first call with a prospective client. “I’ve been … Continued

Executive coaching helps Endeavor job-seeking clients move from knowing to doing. We added executive coaching to our portfolio of client services not long ago. Executive coaching provides many benefits to clients engaged in a job search. One of those benefits includes moving clients from simply knowing what they should do into the active phase of … Continued

Career coaching shares many similarities with working with a personal trainer in fitness. Our client’s CAREER COACHING story “What are your thoughts about our process, now that you know the details?” It’s a common question we ask new clients at the end of our initial client consult. “It reminds me a lot of working out … Continued

Define your value effectively in the interview and you will improve your outcomes in contract negotiations. our client’s story “This negotiation went so much better than the last time I went through it,” my client shared. “The previous company had no interest in negotiating at all. In fact, they gave me 24 hours to decide … Continued

Effective job interviews begin with asking great questions. Uncover their needs and challenges. Then, paint yourself into their picture as the solution for a happy ending to their story. ouR Client’s Story A client called me with some exciting news. “Remember that company where I interviewed about a month ago but the went with someone … Continued

“I think I would like to set up a time to visit,” the email message said. “I left my last company a few months ago and I might need your help in finding my next executive sales position.” The Endeavor agent looked back at the message string to see when someone last sent this person … Continued

We advised a C.O.O. to turn down a job offer recently.  Do you know when to turn down a job offer? Knowing When to Turn Down Job Offer Sometimes, I advise clients to walk away and turn down a job offer. It sounds odd given our mission is to help our clients land a new … Continued

Whoever said, “Don’t sweat the little things,” must have never entered into employment contract negotiations. Employment Contract Negotiation Effective contract negotiation drives value for an employment agreement even if it’s just one small thing. One small thing often changes the entire dynamic of a negotiation process leading to a positive ROI. What is that one … Continued

There is no doubt interview skills take work to master.  How would you rank your interview skills? Our Client’s iNTERVIEW SKILLS Story “I thought I was pretty darn good at interviewing,” he said. “I’m not sure what’s happening. It seems like they all go really well. But I’m not getting the job.” I originally spoke … Continued