Career Networking with a Virtual Cup of Coffee

I book appointments to talk to interesting people all throughout the week. My job focuses on meeting lots of new people. I ask about their goals, needs and challenges. We explore together how to accomplish those. We connect our networks to open new doors. If it’s in the morning I am likely drinking coffee while we discuss their career. We sit in our virtual coffee shop and get to know one another.

I set aside a few appointment slots each week for conversations that I don’t know immediately where it will go. Most of the appointments are with executives who indicate they are looking for a new career opportunity. We know the agenda ahead of time for those calls. Others, though, I confirm on my calendar not knowing where they intend to take the call. It truly is a voyage of exploration.

This does not mean that I knowingly accept an appointment with someone trying to sell me something I know I do not want or need. I guard my time better than that as it is a precious resource to any busy person. However, I uncover some great opportunities each week simply by taking a little time to visit, ask questions, listen and explore.

Career networking involves much more than connecting with people and pitching your agenda to them. That is a very one way transactional approach. Career networking works better when it is bilateral. Each side explores ways to help the other.

The conversation over coffee produces benefits most of the time, though not always in the short term. The seeds planted grow at differential rates. Grow your career network by having interesting conversations on a regular basis. Perhaps we can share a virtual cup of coffee some morning.

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