Career Coaching Similar to Working with Personal Trainer

Career coaching shares many similarities with working with a personal trainer in fitness.

Our client’s CAREER COACHING story

“What are your thoughts about our process, now that you know the details?” It’s a common question we ask new clients at the end of our initial client consult.

“It reminds me a lot of working out with my personal trainer,” a recent client shared with me.

“How so?” I asked.

“Well, I can go to the gym by myself and just start using the equipment,” she began. “But, if I don’t have a good plan of what it is I’m trying to accomplish then I’m just exerting a lot of energy.”

“I see. But, isn’t that still productive?” I ask.

“Yes, but when I work with my trainer I get a lot more done in the time I invest and my outcomes are much better,” she shared. “I could be doing the wrong kinds of exercises and maybe even causing myself harm without knowing it. The same can be true in a job search.”

I had heard the analogy many times before. I took it one step further. “How likely are you to show up at the gym if you have an appointment with your trainer?”

“Way more likely,” she replied.

“Do you think that will be similar with your job search in working with us?” I asked.

“Absolutely! If I know someone is holding me accountable I am much more likely to take action.”

If you’re ready for your career to get in shape, let’s get started.

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Career Coaching is Like Personal Training