“Can you think of any reason why you would not want to advance me to the next stage?”

Yes. You asked a negative closing question.
Another version: “Is there anything about me that causes concern?” Any form of question that prompts the interviewer to stop and try to think of something negative about you is counter productive.
Don’t do it!
Why would you want to have the interviewer actively think of something negative about you? Everything could have been going wonderfully. But, after you asked this question, you forced them to come up with something negative. Now it is lodged in their head as the final thought.
Instead, frame it from the positive. Close them for a commitment to a specific positive step you want them to take. “I’ve really enjoyed our visit today. Based on what you have learned about me, are you prepared to advance me to the next stage?”
A closing question is a “yes” or “no” question. You are asking for a commitment. It needs to be a specific action. The action should be owned by the one making the commitment. There should be a definite time attached to the action.
Close your interview strongly and positively to increase your odds of winning.
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