Physicians in most specialties find plenty of job openings. There are more opportunities than there are physicians to fill them. However, this is not the case in most major metro areas. Supply and demand is inverted so there are more candidates than there are jobs. Employers don’t need to advertise their positions as aggressively, if … Continued

Sometimes the need to negotiate your employment agreement lands in your lap unexpectedly. Do you know how to handle this situation on a moment’s notice? unexpected negotiating your employment agreement The boss calls you into the office and hands you some papers. “It’s been a tough year and we have to make some adjustments,” he … Continued

New executives often bring their key people with them to the new company. This can present challenges for a candidate as it likely means displacing someone else who currently works in that position. Executives who search as a team need expert guidance to address this. Job searching as an Executive team. “It’s a package deal,” … Continued

“I don’t need any help with opportunities through my network. I only want help finding new leads.” “I see,” I replied. “There’s no doubt we can help you grow your network, start conversations and help you uncover new leads. However, I’m a bit confused.” “About what?” he asked. “You mentioned you have been looking for … Continued

  So you lost out in the last interview, maybe the last several. Sometimes the game gets started off on the wrong foot and it feels like you’re down by a lot. The hard part is forgetting about the last play and moving on to the next. You see it every week in sports. The … Continued

“The workers showed up first thing in the morning and they were all staring at me. I finally realized they were waiting for me to tell them what to do.” “What did you tell them?” I asked. “Nothing,” he said. “It was awkward. I don’t know the first thing about running a vineyard or growing … Continued

  “So, what’s your plan?” I ask. “I don’t know,” he says. “I was hoping you could help me figure that out.” Geography has a big impact on most executive job searches. Whether it’s kids in school, elderly parents who need care, a spouse’s career or just a strong preference for a specific location it … Continued

But for some reason, it has come up more than usual in the last few months. I’m not sure if my name is being circulated on a discussion board in cyberspace somewhere but there has certainly been a spike in clients seeking help. I’m not complaining, mind you, just observing a nice trend. Some have … Continued

“It’s been over 10 years and we’re on our third CEO. I’m beginning to wonder if the board will ever see me as capable of doing the CEO job.” “It sounds like you might already know the answer,” I replied. Heavy sigh. “You’re right. I’ll always be the CFO or COO here. It’s not likely … Continued

“I’m not as good of an interviewer as a candidate as I am doing the hiring. I think need your help.” It’s a common misconception made by executives and especially HR leaders. They assume that because they have participated in numerous interviews it will naturally make them a better interviewer as a candidate. In many … Continued

The hiring manager replied. This is it. This is the moment you have been waiting for. You open it with excitement! You didn’t get it. What? “We want to thank you for considering us. It was a difficult decision but we have selected another candidate,” the message says. How could this be? You were sure … Continued

They are what they are. None of us will change these things. Why is this important? We spend far too much time grousing about things we are not going to change. Instead of using that emotional energy in a way that will yield nothing, rechannel it. For instance, I have clients who get so frustrated … Continued

  “I don’t want to be the school principal that doles out punishment,” said during our initial consultation. “The culture here is borderline oppressive and it comes straight from the top.” Too much of her job was focused on enforcing strict rules, keeping track of write-ups and performance improvement plans. The rate of terminating people … Continued

One of my clients is a finance executive who built a successful career in orchestrating big deals. He led a VC firm and started his own advisory practice. Recently a high net worth individual asked him to run a family office private equity firm. He earned that opportunity based on trust. He is a trusted … Continued

I book appointments to talk to interesting people all throughout the week. My job focuses on meeting lots of new people. I ask about their goals, needs and challenges. We explore together how to accomplish those. We connect our networks to open new doors. If it’s in the morning I am likely drinking coffee while … Continued

We advised a C.O.O. to turn down a job offer recently.  Do you know when to turn down a job offer? Knowing When to Turn Down Job Offer Sometimes, I advise clients to walk away and turn down a job offer. It sounds odd given our mission is to help our clients land a new … Continued