Big decisions in our lives and careers are usually preceded by a lot of big questions.

What do I want to do with my career? How should I handle this challenging situation? How do I advance to the next level and what do I need to get there?
Some people have good mentors to whom they turn for guidance. However, mentors aren’t always available. They are limited to their own personal experiences. Often, the nature of the relationship prevents us from truly opening up to a mentor as we want them to think we have it all together.
Friends and family are another source for guidance. The emotional dynamics surrounding those relationships, though, can be very problematic for getting the right guidance. You value and care for them but it’s just awkward in many cases.
Working with an executive coach can make a big difference in your professional life. A coach is trained to help you explore these kinds of topics. They don’t have a personal agenda attached to your situation. What you share is kept confidential.
If you want clarity in your professional life consider working with an executive coach. The answers are likely already inside you and your coach will help you find them.
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