Beware the resume absolutists!

They are the defenders of their specific dogma regarding what should, or should not, be in your resume. They will toss down the gauntlet and challenge you to a duel if you deign to cross the line of their chosen way of seeing the world.
They are right with absolute certainty and everyone else is wrong!
As a candidate, it can be maddening. There are so many different groups who hold directly contradictory beliefs. After a while you begin to chase your tail in circles trying to appease them all.
There are very few universally agreed upon rules for resumes, such as: Don’t lie and say you did something which you did not. Another might be: You must include your contact information so they know how to reach you.
After that, all bets are off. It’s your story and your paper. Tell it the way you like.
There have been no meetings of the International Standards Organization on resumes to my knowledge. It’s a marketing piece for you to tell your professional story.
My only rule is: Make sure you are confident in your resume so you will boldly use it to start conversations. And, one other: Stay away from those who want to duel with swords.
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