Because I care about you, I have to tell you…

This is the sign of a true friend, a good business partner, a valuable consultant. The person who will tell you the straight scoop even though it is not something you really like hearing.
Is it pleasant to receive this kind of feedback? No, of course not. We all crave receiving praise and accolades. But, we can’t improve if we don’t know about it.
Every week I speak to people who have achieved some measure of success. They often don’t recognize their own flaws and limitations. They haven’t truly looked for a job in more than 10 years but they still perceive themselves to be excellent interviewers, great networkers or power negotiators. I can usually diagnose several areas of needed improvement in the first few minutes.
I could either let them go along for the next few months losing out on opportunity after opportunity until they feel the pain acutely enough that they call me back to say it’s time to get started. Or, I can try to save them all that pain and many months lost income by just giving it to them straight.
Usually, I go with giving it to them straight. But, it’s up to the individual what she does with it. Welcome the truth and those who share it with you.
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