Be the Best Career Agent, Not the Cheapest

I’ve owned and operated a lot of businesses in my career. It has never been my goal to be the cheapest price with anything. Rather, I always strive to be the best. If the price is a premium then the return on investment will be much higher by being the best. Our team constantly works to be the best career agent in the nation.
I saw this meme and fell in love with it. Someone else will always charge less. Don’t worry about them. Defend your value in the market by delivering more and better results.
In a job interview, there will always be a candidate in the mix who will accept the job for less money. The employer will default to that candidate if she does not see a difference in the value offered. We focus a lot of time and attention on training our clients to communicate their value.
Make the decision easy for the employer. Communicate so much value to differentiate you from other candidates that the employer knows immediately you are the one.
Ask for your fair market value when the time comes to negotiate. Does this mean you should just get the average? Are you an average level talent? If you communicate your value effectively then your price slides to the right side of the bell curve.
Be the best, not the cheapest.
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